Diversified Site Works
Diversified Site Works




DIVERSIFIED SITE WORKS works as a specialty contractor for many of the region's top builders and developers. As a subcontractor, we perform our services in partnership with the General Contractor to meet the project schedule and budget.



This project delivery method is the “traditional” means of delivering a construction project, and creates a clear separation between the design and construction process. In general, the Bid Build process is best used on projects that are simple, that are not under a tight time crunch and that have a limited budget.



In a design-build project, our team is responsible for both the design and the construction components. The DB method provides the ability to deliver a project on a tight schedule, as projects can be split up and delivered in a package approach, where individual components are designed and built as needed to achieve the final completion date. It can also be an appropriate method when schedule is a concern, as it removes the components of the schedule that would typically be consumed by the bidding and procurement process.